Spiritual Counseling – What is Effective Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling – What is Effective Counseling?

Angel Touched Ministries is about “self empowerment”  through spiritual counseling and knowledge.  The question is,  what is effective counseling?  We believe effective counseling includes  your body, intellect and spirit.  The concept of counselling continues to be sluggish in acknowledging the necessity to address spiritual and faith based issues.  There is wide-spread interest in the inclusion of spirituality both in analysis and therapy.  Proof for this curiosity can be found in the numerous books, articles and blog posts discussing spiritual and faith based values in counselling. Counselors ask almost every possible question regarding a client’s life. The questions asked usually don’t include the impact and significance of spirituality and religion within an person’s life. If a counselor does not include how spirituality impacts their clients, then clients may well think that this important information may not be suitable for counseling.

In everyday life we may find ourselves going in circles, spending so much time looking for the solutions to our challenges and getting nowhere fast. The other choice might be to keep silent locking our challenges deep inside of us.  The inner voice saying “Don’t move, better not chance additional hurt, extra wounds, additional dissatisfaction”. In either case, life’s not meeting our expectations, our desires, and definitely not our dreams.  We believe, deep down, people wish to turn life challenges around but don’t know how.

Spiritual Counseling – Everything You Need Is Inside

Spirituality sprouts from the inside, out of your heart. It’s usually far better to be aware what your desires are, what you wish to really do and which problems are troubling you. For spiritual progress you can visit a spiritual counsellor. A spiritual coach will guide you on the journey of righteousness, along the path of truth and glory.  The guidance can help you realize how the roll of  peacefulness and harmony can manifest in your life. Spiritual guidance will help you know your self in a clearer and more exquisite way. In the middle of life’s  daily stress inside this aggressive world, every person could forget who they are; but with the aid of a spiritual counsellor you can return to your true Self.

Spiritual recovery is the healing of your spirit, body and mind. It requires knowing who is  your supreme power. This supreme power is known by numerous titles and names i.e.;  The lord, Superconscious Self, God, Higher Mind, Universal mind, subconscious, or Buddha mind. A spiritual counselor could work along with you to bring out your inner physician/healer.

Underneath this theatre, we call life is an entirely unique reality… a greater truth. When you learn to utilize this truth, you’ll will begin to feel more trust, much more security and a lot more peace than you actually thought possible. You will see the way in which we are supported by God, The Universe or whatever you desire to refer to it as. Each and every second of every day, regardless of how bad any problem appears at the time, you will find the strength inside you to be on a voyage of recovery and self-discovery in which the Divine is continually co-creating along with you to produce a rewarding, enjoyable, and wonderful life.

Spiritual Counseling – Making A Difference In Your Life

As a result of spiritual counselling, people’s day-to-day lives have changed so positively, that they’re new individuals now. It can help one triumph over all unfavorable behavior of anger, disappointments, lack of control, greed, jealousy and hate when they are replaced by; quietness, serenity, love, tranquility and satisfaction.  This isn’t accomplished by hypnotherapy or auto suggestions, but by wisdom and understanding. It’s the spiritual training of material and worldly existence.  So, if you know anyone including yourself that needs spiritual counseling please contact Angel Touched Ministries.

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